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"Interestingly, new opportunities manifested in the industries Violet recommended we investigate. These discoveries made me pay attention to the perceptions she offered as I became increasingly aware that she was accurate in the descriptions for new markets and how we should approach running the business."


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"We are charting a new voyage in possibility that validates the spiritual element in leadership and company  purpose, and organization life. Human excellence demands this awakening to our higher-faculty, higher-calling, and uncompromising alignment with higher-cause." 

~ Violet Kashewa, Business Psychic Expert

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Our Value Proposition


Urban Matrix Project 


Consciousness Education


21st C Knowledge Sourcing™


Unlock the promise of 21st Century leadership!

We help sophisticated knowledge cultures master the new paradigm of accelerated SQ learning models at higher conductivity.®

Our unique social entrepreneur startup incubator leverages national policymaker "power of place" Intuitive Urban Analysis.  And transformational change toward global citizenship initiatives.


Your Company's Unseen Dynamics

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Corporate Day Events

Bundled services package! We come to your company for up close and personal service delivery. Keynote breakfast, comprehensive intuitive business analysis, workforce learning modules, findings presentation, and post-event.

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VIP Executive Coaching

Unlock you leadership purpose blueprint! Private and confidential session intensives to eliminate false beliefs, reclaim personal and professional power.  Discover embedded messages about your leadership purpose.

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Blog Talk Radio

Host, Violet Kashewa, business psychic expert, interviews distinguished guests and delivers relevant truth-to-power topics: 21st century leadership, transformational workforce learning and more.

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Education Fund

Achievement equity! UMP visionaries have a heart for social justice learning. We join with national engagement toward achievement equity and seek to transform the narrative and resistance of tolerance.

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Visionary Youth Program

We all deserve 2nd chances! The Urban Matrix Project Social Entrepreneur Incubator offers a safe dreamspace for emerging leaders 17-24, transitioning to re-entry or who may be the homeless or low-income future change agent.

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Prophetic Business Ministry

Vision planting in good soil! We offer prophetic ministry to educational institutions and the business community of all faiths. Allow us to partner with your leadership to illuminate a heavenly perspective for your company.

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30 Years' Ethical Consultation