Violet Kashewa ~ Intuitive Business Intelligence Expert

Intuitive Business Analysis

The  authoritative 21st Century Implicit Business Intelligence©, and SQ knowledge sourcing™ subject matter expert.  

A distinct game changer positioned among influencers to leverage corporate knowledge management cultures, social entrepreneur impact, national policymaker urban strategy, and global citizenship initiatives.

  • National Policymakers Urban Strategy
  • Corporate & Governance Advisory
  • Startups & Social Impact Entrepreneurs
  • Researchers & Innovators

Violet Kashewa quickly extracts substantive value capacity, allocating intangibles to explicit system implementation. She receives quantum information rapidly; and in seconds can unlock truth and unseen energy information that propels unrealized potential and results. Violet breaks fractured cycles of perception, learning, and advancement and ignites success outcomes. She is a natural born prophetic seer. And offers clients 30 years' professional ethical consultation; a formerly certified metaphysical counselor and belief work specialist who facilitates the entire thematic spectrum of human improvement and leadership purpose.  

10 Reasons Why


1.   Target information.
2.   Articulate clarity and direct paths to action.
3.   Aid strategic implementation.
4.   Generate new knowledge.
5.   Synthesize analysis  methods.
6.   Catalyze governance perspectives.
7.   Liberate power in organizational culture.
8.   Leverage knowledge management.
9.   Drive organizational authenticity.
10. Expedite execution excellence. 

Field results indicate clients average 20% expense waste elimination across  the top 5 departments in both tangible and intangible savings to process  and efficiency, proving a $1M monthly gross revenue impact for larger companies. Stakeholders enter a target zone to experience quantum shifts by interacting with the adept. 

 ❖  Companies hungry for inspired new direction and meaning-making reinventing marketplace significance.

 ❖  Established knowledge-management cultures seeking expansion by explosive up-leveling via implicit business intelligence translation.

 ❖  Millennials expectant of new conceptual ideas and fresh organizational learning experience. 

Today's earnest and sophisticated workforce members are the highly sensitive knowledge authors adjusting to new millennium aptitudes. Change with undeniable impact means system thinking perspectives reach well beyond previous norms of benchmarking approaches and metrics. Make sense of the new paradigm of accelerated learning models at higher-conductivity.  

SQ spiritual intelligence translation is altogether different from EQ emotional intelligence!  Its time to unlock intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge realms...with the authoritative expert.  

                                   "She brings soulful solutions to companies at a critical time!"  

                                                        ~Chairman, Holistic Nutrition College   

Pioneering Approach

Step into and walk-out your compelling greatness! Learn how to translate authentic transformative power you possess to alter the course of history. Unlock your leadership purpose blueprint.©  

21st Century knowledge sourcing™ begins with discovering the unique insignia of the encoded leadership purpose messages that define the victories you are created for make a difference in the world at a critical time in history.

21st Century Leadership

Unlock Your Leadership Purpose Blueprint

A heavenly perspective of 21st Century leadership...

Unlock your leadership purpose! How? SQ translation. Spiritual intelligence translation is 21st century knowledge sourcing.™  Actionable intuitive, revelatory, and transformational wisdom elevates influencers with new paradigm authority to out-lead new definitions of importance, purpose, and possibility at this critical time in history.

Acceleration is the new normal!  Leaders have never been here before. Science proves new physics are available for use on our planet. Spiritually charged atmospheric conditions ...the time is right now. The SQ spiritually intelligent leader is prepared, equipped, and calibrated to wield influential amplitude for the challenges of our era. 

These pages will inspire and catalyze your authentic visionary drive and co-creative power in your professional life and in your Company...

Catalyze experiential learning, action research, and critical reflection leveraging generative responses for the urgent needs of familiar and unfamiliar problems. 

Awesome Testimonies


"Violet possesses exceptional intuitive business analysis skills and  methods to drill down to the core challenges that any business  encounters in this current economic climate, quickly revealing root cause and unknown opportunity." 

~ CEO, Christian Business Services

"Interestingly,  many new opportunities manifested in the industries she recommended we  investigate. These discoveries made me pay attention with fresh  consideration of the perceptions she offered as I became increasingly aware that she was accurate in the descriptions for new markets and how  we should approach running the business. One of the most powerful statements I can make about our experience with Violet Kashewa is that  her suggestions were in complete alignment with our goals. We are now  poised for new direction and growth."

~ CEO, National Marketing Agency


"Over the course of our sessions she articulated several of the key strategic themes and priorities for our coming year which have proven to be incredibly timely and accurate."  

~ CEO, Global Womens' Transformational Leadership Education

"Violet is a very gifted intuitive! There is no question about this, I have seen evidence of it many times.  

I believe she has an important contribution to make in the way she will inspire and teach others."   

~ Former Chair, International  Environmental Watchdog

Consultancy Scope

Global Leadership & Researcher Perspectives

Violet Kashewa unlocks compelling greatness in any leader, organization, and urban  environment. And optimizes immediate business value driving opportunity to reinvent marketplace significance. 

❖ Gain insight and clarity into your unique and distinct leadership purpose.

❖ Identify encoded messages for professional influence. 

❖ Get in control of intangibles fast. 

❖ Identify and release limiting beliefs creating obstacles to success. 

❖ Understand accelerated higher-conductivity learning models. 

We offer critical metaphysical perspectives vital to researcher inquiry and innovation.

Urban Strategy

We help national policymakers and regional strategists take the plunge—paradigm shift to entirely new levels of solutions perspective for the challenges of our time. We are...a new millennium think tank. "Power of Place" energy information is for national policymakers obligated to the oversight mandate. 

Intuitive Urban Analysis also fosters education achievement equity, supports public interest groufirst people tribal councils and environmental protectors, non-profits, and the entire business community.  Sourcing opportunity to aggregate empirical data for capacity building and utilization at state level. Support fiscal gatekeeper narrative, town-hall constituency initiatives, and a myriad policy spectrum. Enrichment perspectives on governance strategic planning, operations, resource forecasting, placing innovation where elementally suited.  From the expert's meta-perspective, intuitive urban analysis affirms supernal alignment wherein optimal influences may increase opportunity such as with new markets and regional revitalization.  Direct action research, COP, and community development relevance.  Fortifies existing and exploratory frameworks for revenue modeling, trend analysis, and solutions partnerships. 

Social Influencers & Millennials

From A-Z...or 18 social impact categories, get from vision to social impact now!  Urban Matrix Project startup incubator serves Pacific Northwest social entrepreneurs beginning Summer 2018! 

Change agents receive project mentoring by Violet Kashewa, expert Intuitive Business Analyst, increasing alignment and marketplace significance, and overall project sustainability and generative outcomes. 

Key Impact Areas

  • Leadership, workforce, and company purpose, CSR.
  • Marketplace positioning, brand identity and compelling messaging.
  • Business unit development, organizational alignment, streamline operations.
  • Change management, functional wholism and business empowerment. 
  • Design thinking and innovation perspectives. 
  • Governance strategic planning, solutions partners and new markets.
  • Human resources management and people strategy.
  • Customer relationship, service-product delivery, and public perceptions.

Client Services

Governance, Board Director, Pro-Bono

Exclusivity Opportunity

Diverse industry 10-100,000 + Employees

Global Onsite & Remote Services

10 SWOT/PESTLE 5-page Report with Hourly Intuitive Business Intelligence Analysis and Corporate Day Events

VIP Executive Laser Intuitive Business Coaching...

See Investment Page.

Keywords: Intuitive Business Concepts

Certification & Training

  • Human Resources                         
  • Change Management  
  • Mediation/Conflict-Resolution 
  • HOPE City Restorative Justice Education
  • Circle-Keeping/Conflict Resolution 
  • Metaphysics/Transformational Counseling 
  • Medical Intuition/Belief Work®   
  • Workplace Chaplaincy 
  • Graduate Experts Academy 

Verification Below

Professional Certification

Human Resources Management

Mediation ~ ADR

Change Management

Restorative Justice ~ Education

Mediation ~ NACM

Metaphysical Science/Counseling

Msc.B [Retired Reverend] IMM/UOS/UOM

Archive: 2004-2016

Academic Achievements

Instructional Design & Technology

Ashford University: Education Track

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society

  • Dean's List Summer 2016
  • Dean's List Spring 2017
  • Dean's List Fall 2017

Urban Studies

Department Urban Studies

  • Conditional Acceptance 2017


Academic Papers 

Wholism in Business Enterprise

  • EDU120  Principles Instructional Design
  • EDU100  Issues Education
  • EDU120  Distance Education
  • GEN103  Information Literacy
  • PHI103    Informal Logic