Urban Matrix Project Startup Incubator


Urban  Matrix Project Social Entrepreneur Incubator, is a prophetic culture  cooperative workspace, and regional solution partnership committed to  igniting generative outcomes for the new millennium. 

We  provide all-stage innovators, social entrepreneur, urban change agent,  and visionary pioneers and reformers affordable, safe, and dynamic  dreamspace to realize your ideals for a better world! 

Importance. Purpose. Possibility.

How It works

Cooperative Workspace

Get mentored by Business Psychic Violet Kashewa!

Walk-in guests, start-ups, and established projects of any social impact type are welcome. Our specialty mentoring program can help to position you for breakthrough and advancement by troubleshooting energy-information, purpose alignment, and marketplace significance.

Scroll down to discover benefits and perk'ola's...application process and project submission guidelines.

15 walk-in daily use
149 openspace laptop
199 private office
249 artist gallery
300 hourly team training

Do you consider yourself adventurous? 

Calling All Social Entrepreneurs

We are the only start-up incubator to focus on unlocking the potential and promise of your unique and distinct leadership purpose blueprint.© And teach on SQ... intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge that will translate as global solutions at this critical time in history...a transformational era of consciousness evolution. Unlike most startup incubators that demand your project be quickly scalable for fast investor return, we focus upon the power of your prophetic destiny. 

You Belong Here

Social Impact Categories

We showcase 18 categories, from A-Z, that support economic vitality, equality and justice, green urban technology, workforce investment, environmental stewardship, grassroots policy reformation, educational achievement equity, community relevance, gatekeeper narrative, strategic-planning initiatives, artistic activism, and more.  

Benefits & Perks

❖  Project Mentoring by Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst
❖  Fiscal Sponsorship Referral
❖  Capacity Building Training
❖  Free Wifi
❖  Branded Webpage
❖  Dedicated Voicemail
❖  Personal Locker
❖  Parking Validation
❖  Convenient Barista


The Urban Matrix Project is a prophetic culture. Although we can elect to invest with the next lucrative opportunity we remain expectant on a higher-power to move supernaturally in ways we don't always comprehend for breakthrough and advancement. 

Rather, we aspire to engage all voices to speak life over our cities so that those stewarding great promise do not fall to the wayside being discouraged if they do not at first meet a certain criteria.  

Read application process below. Click the "Easy 1-2-3" button to submit your social impact project.

Application Process

Cooperative Workspace Seattle: Our startup incubator application process involves an initial brief telephone interview.  We will confirm a calendar date to personally meet with you and/or your team to ensure a good alignment. 

Everyone involved with your project must agree to confidentiality, written terms and conditions, policies, privacy statement, community rules, and ethical code of conduct. In addition, we initiate our mutual relationship in a standard 30-day due diligence period to affirm confidence and trust. We also reserve the right to conduct a formal background check (non-credit related) with your release of authorization. However, we are sensitive to 2nd-chance, and other real-world scenarios. And we seek to validate concerns of undocumented citizens who are a part of our regional community.  Please note that our monthly project mentoring schedule is capped at 25 impact solutions within the cooperative workspace. Walk-in use exempt. You may additionally utilize our world-class Micromentor partner platform available at no cost. 

Public training events offer key strategic elements for the larger audience. We also focus attention to creating workforce learning content, relevant media, a project showcase, and maintain a busy consultancy calendar so please be as prepared as possible to enter the game.  Above all, we value authentic dialogue, honest disclosure, and process consistency so that all parties feel heard and clearly understood to ensure success outcomes. 

Review our professional certifications and testimonies. We are not licensed to provide legal, medical, insurance, real estate, direct hiring, or financial investment advice but we may freely offer expert Intuitive Business Analysis pertaining to our professional scope of practice from a metaphysical perspective based upon our 30 years ethical consultation serving people of all walks of life.   

Project Submission Guidelines

STEP #1:  Quick Phone Interview...Let's Discuss Your Social Impact Project Vision

To belong in the Urban Matrix Project Pacific Northwest, you must begin with a brief 15-minute telephone interview to discuss your social impact project vision. Click the "Easy 1-2-3" button at page bottom to redirect to our contact page to schedule a best day and time. We want to get to know you as a prospective match...workspace dynamics, project support, our facilitation style, and other details. 

STEP #2:  Intake Questionnaire & Community Rules Agreement

Complete our standard intake questionnaire to prepare for our telephone interview. You will find this online document on the "Let's Connect" page by the scheduling calendar. You must also review our community rules, policies, privacy statement, and professional disclaimer (also located on the contact us page). Please be advised, if your project is accepted into the urban Matrix Project, we may also require a copy of your driver license or photo identification, or business and professional liability, or other documents that we will maintain in a secured and confidential records management system.

STEP #3:  Submit Your Project Material

The last step for consideration...for you to receive all Cooperative Workspace benefits and features described on our website (limits apply for walk-in daily use) your project MUST have a real, substantive, and/or engaged social impact parameter serving any county in the Pacific Northwest (Northern California, Oregon, Washington)...or the globe!

NOTE:  We did not advise that your vision must be "realistic" because we know the compelling greatness you possess is the very substance we are catalyzing in this program!  You may simply be in the "idea generation" phase of project launch and require a dynamic workspace and project mentoring. 

However, you must submit a 1-page prospectus or business plan showing you have thought through a formal strategy and how to proceed. This criteria can also be met via the following:  A community interest letter from a verified academic institution, a non-profit or other agency, or principal who knows your level of dedication and commitment to success outcomes. Or you may also submit a project e-portfolio link, video, blueprint, or social media engagement demonstrating the project focus.

Visionary Youth Program

The Urban Matrix Project Visionary Youth Program is positioned under the oversight of our verified fiscal sponsorship agency. We offer a safe "dreamspace" for 2nd-chance, homeless, and low-income emerging leaders ages 17-24. 

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