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Achievement Equity

Pioneering Vision

Urban education achievement equity, ensures that learning resource is a provisional reality to all. 

New Definition Leadership® LLC joins national engagement to reform urban school funding inequity so to rectify social perception toward those with less will be able to speak life over our cities in the new millennium.  We seek to evolve the policy narrative for empirical, actionable needs-solutions alignment for improvements transcending present-day resistance toward equal achievement.  

Our educational consultancy unit is comprised of specialists available to engage with university administrators, government and social services offices.  However, the especial contribution is to provide strategic Intuitive Assessment. In tough times and in breakthrough, we offer spiritual support to faculty who may value of the role of prophetic insight to illuminate the heavenly perspective.

Take a moment to read our testimony below!

                "It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us." ~Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher  

Our Incredible Story

Defining Supernatural Moment

The supernatural testimony of how we came to create an education fund for urban achievement equity is rather amazing! 

One day while sitting in nature, deep in prayer, our Heavenly Father visited upon me, informing me that while it was clearly understood my faculty to set corporate sector and other influencers on the direct action path to success outcomes, in a moment my call to servant leadership was expanded.  

I was being commissioned to co-labor with heaven, in the prospect of transforming the education realm. But there is more to this defining moment! Several months later, as I lay peacefully asleep in the early morning,..above me a large sign was placed, lovingly held by a grand angelic helper, that read in white-chalked letters 'education fund'...the excitement continues!   

Since very early childhood I have known about my giftset and life calling. But it has only been of recent that I have truly felt heaven knows me by my deepest heart desire to walk out my very own compelling greatness conjoined by higher-cause...the commissioning to be a transformation agent for youth.

Thank you in advance for your professional endorsement of the Urban Matrix Project Education Fund serving the Pacific Northwest. This funding allocation program is within the oversight of our verified fiscal sponsorship agency. We greatly value your confidence and trust in our mutual investment in a transformational era of consciousness evolution, wherein what we do together determines generative outcomes.   

My Personal Best,
Violet Kashewa, CEO

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The Urban Matrix Project Education Fund for Achievement Equity is under the credible oversight of our verified fiscal sponsorship agency.  We will promptly send you a tax deduction verification receipt.

Please contact us if you wish to join our educational consultancy team. Thank you in advance!

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