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Achievement Equity

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Urban Education Achievement Equity, is of vital importance to ensure that the double-portion of learning resources is a provisional reality to all. 

New Definition Leadership® LLC joins national engagement to pioneer and reform urban school funding inequity so to rectify social perception toward those with less, at the least, so that all voices may speak life over our cities in the new millennium.   

We seek to evolve the policy narrative for empirical, actionable needs-solutions alignment for improvements transcending present-day resistance toward equal achievement.  Our educational consultancy unit is comprised of specialists available to engage with university administrators, government and social services offices, and others who can appreciate the value of the role of prophecy causing breakthrough. We delight in public speaker events partnering with your educational institution or public policy interest group to illuminate the heavenly perspective for achievement equity.

Finally, we mentor new millennium leaders...those incredibly brilliant, dedicated, and courageously aspiring visionaries focused upon the passionate calling of social justice learning and achievement equity.  

The Achievement Equity Education Fund program belongs to the Urban Matrix Project Startup Incubator for social entrepreneurs and visionary youth program participants as described above in the first entry for this page. Read our testimony below!

                           "It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us." ~Jackie Mutcheson, Teacher  

Our Incredible Story

Supernatural Moment

The supernatural story of how we came to create an education fund for urban achievement equity is rather amazing! 

One day while sitting in nature deep in prayer, our Heavenly Father visited upon me, informing me that while it was clearly understood my faculty to set corporate sector and other influencers on the direct action path to success outcomes, in a moment my call to servant leadership was expanded. I was being commissioned to co-labor with heaven, in the prospect of transforming the education realm. Specifically, social services reformation, as these realities clearly intersect.

But there is more to this defining moment! Several months later, as I lay peacefully asleep in the early morning with my heart intent upon the Urban Matrix Project Social Entrepreneur Incubator...above me a large sign was placed, lovingly held by a grand angelic helper, that read in white-chalked letters 'education fund'...the excitement continues!   

Thank you in advance for your professional endorsement of the Urban Matrix Project Education Fund serving the Pacific Northwest. This funding allocation program is within the oversight of our verified fiscal sponsorship agency. We greatly value your confidence and trust in our mutual investment in a transformational era of consciousness evolution, wherein what we do together determines generative outcomes.   

My Personal Best,

Violet Kashewa, CEO

Be a Part of the Pioneering Vision for Reform

The Urban Matrix Project Education Fund for Achievement Equity is under the credible oversight of our verified fiscal sponsorship agency.  We will promptly send you a tax deduction verification receipt.

Please contact us if you wish to join our educational consultancy team. Thank you in advance!

Questions about donating? Contact Us. Email: violet@newdefinitionleadership.com

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Educational Leadership Ministry

Prophetic Encouragement

We share awesome testimonies! 

Walk in signs, wonders, and miracles together with Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst. We teach about intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge sourcing. And speak life over your business from the heart of what heavenly perspectives are for your Company or project. And so, breakthroughs happen!   

This service is all faiths non-denominational, however, we specify our alignment moving prophetically with Holy Spirit.  

Violet Kashewa is a natural born prophetic seer...her world is supernatural!  Her transformational journey benefits everyone she meets because she is tasked with unlocking human potential through the apostolic calling. More than 30 years professional spiritual consultation expertise shapes the client to practitioner field of coherence and trust. She has former certification in 4-Level Belief Work,® Intuitive Anatomy® and Advanced DNA Work® , and Academy Intuition Medicine Ethics/Law for Energy Therapies® during a ten-year duration in CAM Healthcare / International Metaphysical Ministry non-denominational ministerial practice. This professional refinement training served to strengthen her native clairvoyance and remote viewing capability and giftset. Two-decades street ministry witnessing people of all walks of life, some in the most challenging of moments, serve articulate and effective prayer-intentionality. 

Regular thematic exercise imbued the Implicit Business Intelligence© wholistic business empowerment framework she utilizes as a fundamental core teaching for functional wholism. Hence, system science and faith are close companions in today's marketplace. When 21st Century Leaders intersect a universality perspective amazing things can and do happen! This is our walking-out importance, purpose, and possibility at this critical time in history.  

"...the seed fell in good soil... and yielded a hundredfold..." [Luke 8:8 NIV]  "...in keeping with the prophecies once spoken about you, in order that with such encouragement you may fight the good fight." [Tim4:18 NET]