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Violet Kashewa...Business Psychic Expert, offers 30 years' professional ethical consultancy.

"I help Fortune 1000 companies, social entrepreneurs, and national urban strategy policymakers make sense of 21st Century knowledge sourcing™ ...and the new paradigm of accelerated learning models at higher-conductivity."

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21st Century Knowledge Sourcing™

Invest in Your Knowledge Workers

Set your Company on the path to redefined relevance... 

Our mission... to illuminate a new breed of hungry achievers dedicated to the continuous attainment of new definitions of... importance, purpose and possibility at a critical time in history.  

The global LOHAS audience optimize business intelligence by implementing whole-view theories, methodologies, and frameworks to maximize marketplace opportunity. With an estimate $60B annual spending on employee development, the increase of millennials in leadership positions, and the HR focus reducing capability gaps, the need for cutting-edge workforce training is taking on greater significance. 

Our Distinction

New Definition Leadership® consciousness education...

Established KM-cultures hungry to catalyze new direction or expand by explosive up-leveling, and the very impressive populace of millennials expectant of new conceptual ideas and a fresh learning experience benefit from our expertise.

We offer unique and distinct consciousness education programming up with the times of leadership modeling, corporate training, and knowledge culture workforce engagement for the 21st Century. Gateway-to-immersion development adult learning content breaks fractured non-virtuous cycles of leadership perception, learning, and advancement.

Conscious Workforce America©

Cultivate Knowledge Cultures

Leaders have never been here before... 

Science proves new physics and energies are available for use on the planet. Acceleration is the new normal for a global transformational era of consciousness evolution.  

We help 21st Century companies make sense of the new paradigm of learning models at higher conductivity. Workforce participants engage wholistic business empowerment core competencies that capitalize upon actionable implicit business intelligence benefiting knowledge authoring, productivity, and innovation within your Company.  

Functional Wholism

Five key assumptions...

❖  The wholistic organization is organic.   

❖  Intangible-implicit resources exist within the organization, which can be effectively translated and mapped into explicit knowledge factors and actionable utilization.  

❖  Wholistic techniques can be taught/learned.  

❖  All stakeholders will benefit from wholism in business enterprise through greater relational relevance and connectivity. 

❖  Everyone involved will experience and demonstrate wholistic competencies and tools which will guide the company into new directional congruence and shape a 'shared legacy' among all.    

Transformational Workforce Learning

Optimize your 21st Century knowledge culture... 

Asynchronous and scheduled live stream and ILT-blended online learning module includes: Subject Matter Expert, workbook, learning guide, exclusive videos, podcasts, coaching call, concept application, and downloadable bonuses.

$199 p/Employee and multiple enrollment portals: 8-WK/ 20-WK intensives.  

Topic Sampler © 

 ❖  Implicit Business Intelligence Framework

❖  Transformative Power in Business Enterprise

❖   Evolving Your Company Purpose

❖   Building Conscious Workforce America


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Instructional Design

I specialize in "21st Century Knowledge sourcing 

Implicit Business Intelligence© This is how I radically change leadership, workforce, and company purpose... marketplace significance. As a matter of fact, I don't know that you will hire me. 

But, I am absolutely certain I can help YOU!

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Spiritual Intelligence

SQ Translation not EQ

Our 30 years' professional SQ translation is the right solution...


We offer unique and distinct copyrighted, customized and exclusive, consciousness education and transformational learning material for today's earnest and sophisticated workforce members adjusting to new millennium aptitudes.    

"Spiritual and transpersonal knowing, holistic, affective, artistic learning, and reflective synthesis" 

are aspects of 21st Century Adult Learning. (AAACE 2010 Handbook)                   


You don't need an expert to teach EQ emotional intelligence but you do for SQ spiritual intelligence.  Why?  Because these learning realms are on altogether different levels of access, utilization, and outcome.

Our bold claim is that we possess the authentic SQ translation expertise to facilitate the depth of your workforce intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge sourcing.™  

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What's Inside...

21st Century KM Cultures: Got knowledge management?  Today's knowledge worker advances the knowledge sourcing™ workplace via SQ spiritual intelligence. You are the "hungry achiever" invested in the continuous attainment mindset... importance, purpose, and possibility at this critical time in history.

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